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Specialized staff

We provide support for complex projects where highly specialized skills are required in the Middle East/Africa/Southeast Asia.

Big scale or complex projects require the right people to execute them. Be it a smart home system for an expansive 1000-unit villa complex physical security for an oil rig or setting up a plastic recycling plant. Having access to the best products, equipment and funding alone may not suffice, you will also need engineers, technicians, security specialists, trainers to succeed, and that is where we step in.

We can provide highly qualified and specialized staff for your projects. Although not a recruitment agency we do realise what sets us apart from a standard agency is precisely the key to your success. We only provide specialists for sectors we ourselves have
worked in and in countries we ourselves have lived in. Remote areas, high risk countries, narrow or niche specializations. No problem for us.

Contact us if you believe you have the right challenge for our team.

High risk areas

Our special projects division team and consultants have years of experience in high risk countries. We have successfully organized evacuation of employees from conflict zones, provided security monitoring and analysis for oil operations in Libya. Our subcontractors served in Special Forces. They have also been involved in training of foreign troops, providing physical security to oil operations as well as overseeing evacuation of staff and equipment from remote areas.

We provide you with:

  • security personnel
  • security situation monitoring and analysis
  • security reports
  • trainers
  • monitoring and tracking services


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