Shaping visions
exceeding patterns

At Exceedo, we understand that companies at different stages of development require different strategies.  This is why we carefully listen to our clients and set goals that reflect the needs of their businesses.

We also work with brands and companies that are just entering or are about to enter the market. We merge commercial and marketing goals. We will help you identify the market, customer needs and competitive advantages while always taking into account cultural factors.

Our team combines many years of experience with a fresh look. We define brand values using our proprietary Value Based Brands ™ method and use it to design, create and develop your company’s communication.

We ask and search

We come up with an idea

We invent & design

We implement and develop

When charm and style meet at the right point

At Exceedo, we believe in the long-term success of our customers.
Our ultimate goal is to provide consumers with successful experiences with your brand, which will translate into continuing cooperation into the future.

We are a creative agency

We prepare fully comprehensive branding for enterprises, institutions, local government organizations, products, services and applications.

Long-term cooperation with entities from Asia, Africa and Western Europe allows us to better understand the needs of local consumers. Our projects are based on knowledge, market analysis and knowledge of cultural factors. We have our own graphic design and implementation studio, as well as a photographic and film team with access to professional film studios.

The scope of work includes creative work from sketch to coordinating the production of materials. We create branding for products and services – from the name to the last line in the project. Brands built with Exceedo “communicate” – it means that we can showcase the real values provided by a product or service. We create for our clients Key Visual which is consistent with the brand communication.


Designing brands, packaging and Key Visual products / services.

Designing graphic materials, websites, promotional campaigns, events.

Web development

Design and implementation of websites for companies, products, services, applications, institutions.

Implementation of portals on CMS WordPress based on own studio. Large e-commerce we operate in cooperation with a partner software house that specializes in implementing the Magento platform.

Photo production

Photo sessions and image, product and fashion materials.

Movie & Animation

We can produce promotional spots, image movies, animations presenting your products and services.

We coordinated several dozen plans implemented in several studios at the same time.

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    Comprehensive Exceedo offer

    Special projects

    We provide support for special projects. Expansion of your brand into foreign markets needs a support services – you will find it with Exceedo.

    Grow your business

    Business growth depends on finding the right people to work with, selecting the best products for your portfolio and finding optimal investment opportunities. In a highly diversified and competitive environment Exceedo helps you achieve all those goals and much more.

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